Welcome To NIBS College

Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) is a private training institution. It was established and incorporated under companies Act (Cap 486, Laws of Kenya) and registered as a private limited company on 19th March 1999. It is also registered as a post secondary training institution by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology under the Education Act (Cap 211 Laws of Kenya).

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop professional skills and technical competences, produce proficient and versatile professional managers by providing quality management courses.

Our Vision

“To be a center of excellence in quality, relevant and innovative tertiary education provider.”

Academic Programs

School of Business Studies | School of Accountancy | School of Secretarial Studies | School of Community Development & Social Work | School of Tourism & Hospitality | School of Computer Sciences | School of Engineering | School of Journalism & Media Studies | Computer Packages

This course provides professional qualifications that prepares one in a career in Business Administration such as Human Resource management, Financial Management, Accounting & Marketing.Read More
This course targets the students who wish to work as accounts assistants or Technicians. The programme also serves as prerequisite for those students who want to pursue the professional accountancy course & CPA.Read More
NIBS recognizes the importance of a human front office in any organization. The training encompasses professional use of media communication as well as reception skills.Read More
The realization that community based development is a core aspect of socio-economic progress stimulated NIBS to offer Diploma programme in Community Development & Social Work with a focus on theory and practice of Community analysis/profile.Read More
Tourism and travel is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.NIBS on realization of this rapid rise in the demand for tourism and travel, provides a programme to meet the needs of those who wish to work for travel shops, tourism information centres, airports, car hire operators, tour guides, tour directors and other related commercial operators.Read More
NIBS equip students with practical skills in information technology and computing using modern, efficient and competitive software & hardware facilities. Students pursuing a career in information technology become fully prepared with essential knowledge to fit in the IT Industry.Read More
The department of engineering offers an intergrated system of education in which certificate and Diploma is available.The department offers Certificate and Diploma in Automotive Engineering and Certificate and Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Technology.The courses lead to careers in design,manufacture,machinery control,maintanance and automation in present day industry.Read More
NIBS provide students with professional skills in research, analysis, preparation and presentation of news and information. The students learn digital photography, media law, specialized journalism and social studies, among other skills.Read More
The course provides skills to those who wish to qualify to be self sufficient or work in IT management fields. Upon successful completion of the course, the students attain career opportunity as Software Engineers, Website developers, website managers, systems analysts, programmers, IT Technicians, support staff, etc. The target group includes K.C.S.E holders , university graduates and those already in employment.Read More