Why study at NIBS e-learning?

Do you want to further your career in an internationally recognized institution, but cannot do it full time?

Is time a problem?

Is your location the problem?

Is your work the problem?

Is fees the problem?

If so,then the NIBS e-learning was designed specifically to solve your problems.

The NIBS e-learning is a unique and creative process where you determine the place, time and tempo of learning, thus speeding up your career through professional training.

Electronic and telephonic support is available,as well as personal contacts in the studycentres.

10 points Why you should choose NIBS e-learning?

  • Study and do your CATS while working
  • It’s affordable, with friendly payment methods.
  • Established Study centers in the Country, which are well equipped and conducive for studying
  • Dedicated call center and a well laid down procedure of communication.
  • Our examining bodies are internationally recognized with flexible examination dates.
  • You will receive quality training from our qualified faculty.
  • Access your reading materials, sit in for your CATs and access the video interactions through your smart phone.
  • You determine the duration to clear the course based on your circumstances.
  • A dedicated administrative team ready to serve you.
  • A well trained and qualified faculty with expertise

If you were looking for quality academic content and dedicated facilitators then you are in the right place.

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